Hold a Community Discussion

One way to promote and effect change in your community is to hold a public discussion.

Why Community Discussions?

Community discussions can promote public education and awareness of the opioid epidemic, and help build a community of informed citizens; individuals who can help one another, support others affected by the crisis, and intelligently assess and influence policy and practice in ways that reduce detrimental effects and improve outcomes associated with opioid use disorder.

Community discussions can be powerful tools to help people:

  • Learn about available resources
  • Share experiences
  • Communicate issues and needs
  • Build lasting relationships
  • Plan ways to inspire and generate change
  • Build understanding and empathy for those suffering directly and indirectly from the opioid crisis

An educational public event can take many forms:

  • Panel discussion
  • Radio call-in show
  • Community meeting in a local municipal building or church

Transform talk into action:

The end result of a good discussion is a set of action steps, real practices that can be adopted by your community. This is where talk transforms into action.

If you'd like to plan a public discussion in your community, download our discussion guide.